Wild Weeds
Raven Food

      Although this song is not actually about a personal experience, it is definitely something that could happen. Ravens visit my backyard most every day and a stray cat stops by fairly frequently for some free food. It's easy to imagine the stray cat getting run over by a car and the ravens happily feasting on the stray's carcass. Hopefully that never happens to the cat, but sooner or later his nine lives are going to run out and turnabout is fair play! He's killed and eaten more than his fair share of birds. Although he backs down to the ravens, he seems to find mourning doves rather tasty! I have found dove feathers scattered around my yard on several occasions and once or twice I've actually seen the cat with a dead dove. Although I give the cat plenty of free food, it's not surprising that the cat catches his own food when he can. By the same token, it won't be surprising when the ravens make a meal out of him when his time comes.


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I hadn't seen the cat for three days
I really really doubted that he ran away
It wasn't likely that he got too far
I figured that he got hit by a car

Nine lives had run out for
That little dude
Most likely he'd become
Raven food

At first I thought I was seeing a ghost
When that cat showed up and I was eating my toast
He said meow and I said hi
It's hard to believe that cat didn't die!

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