Wild Weeds
Russian Bot

      There are so many examples of lies told by our media. Some are by omission and some are direct and blatant. Most are fairly obvious to those who are paying attention.

1) McCain Inciting Coup in Ukraine ( VIDEO ) - December 2013
2) 93% of Voters Want Crimea to Join Russia ( VIDEO ) - March 2014
3) Odessa Massacre - Pro-Kiev Forces Commit Atrocity ( VIDEO ) - May 2014
4) Chemical Weapons in Syria - Who's really to blame? ( VIDEO ) - April 2017
5) Russian Athletes Banned From Olympics - Why? ( VIDEO ) - December 2017
6) Navalny Puppet of USA - Would only get 2% of popular vote ( VIDEO ) - January 2018

CNN seems to live by the old adage known as the Big Lie:

        If you tell a lie big enough and
      repeat it often enough, then people
          will eventually believe it.

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You're a Russian bot
If you disagree
With the media news
In the land of the free
Catch 'em in a lie
No matter how lame
They'll call you a troll
Cuz that's the fake news game

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