Wild Weeds

      Whether you call it marijuana, cannabis, weed, or whatever, it is an abomination that there are laws prohibiting its use or cultivation. All plants should be available for human use and there should never be any questions about whether or not individuals can grow any given plant in their houses or on land they own. If there ever was a fundamental right that should be considered "self-evident" then this would seem to be one of the most obvious! It shouldn't even be a matter of the will of the people. In fact, it should be legally impossible to impose a ban on the cultivation and reasonable use of any plant. That being said, at this time it is the case that the majority of people in the USA support full legalization of marijuana and that would seem to be even more reason to LEGALIZE IT now!


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There's promises you break and those you keep
And dreams you dream while counting sheep
Problems that have no solutions
And then there's New Year's Resolutions

There's habits you break and those you keep
Shallow potholes and canyons deep
Words of wisdom and noise pollution
And then there's New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions (x4)

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