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Rusky Ed Update

      Rusky Ed has been around since 2008 and he has posted over five hundred videos to his YouTube channel, called ruskyed. Each video presents a short lesson which explains some aspect of the Russian language. Early lessons present the Russian alphabet and other simple topics. Over the course of the five hundred lessons, verb conjugation, noun declension, and all sorts of other topics are discussed. There are ten units in all and each unit contains fifty lessons. Along with the lessons are webpages, various supplemental activities, and quizzes which help Rusky Ed's students to measure their progress. Although Rusky Ed is not a perfect teacher, he is a lot of fun and he makes learning Russian at least somewhat enjoyable! Check out Rusky Ed at ruskyed.com or on the ruskyed channel at YouTube!


Watch video on this page at YouTube!

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Rusky Ed is his name
And speaking Russian is his game
If it is Russian you would like to know
Then Rusky Ed is the place to go!

RuskyEd YouTube channel

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