Wild Weeds
A Game Involving Roaches

      This video delivers an alternative version of the chain of events that led up to the arrest of a retired teacher in Los Angeles in 2012. Although the press has more or less concluded that this guy is guilty, it is my belief that he should be considered innocent until proven guilty and that the case should be considered from a perspective not tainted by the hyperbolic claims made by the press. It is with the intention of being even-handed and fair-minded, that I offer this song/video about a game involving roaches. It should be noted that as of May 2013, Mark Berndt is still awaiting trial. The prosecution has requested that the trial be delayed, suggesting that their case is falling apart, which isn't surprising since the claims made against Berndt are based on almost pure speculation. Ultimately, it is likely that a plea bargain will be offered to Berndt, who after being held for an extended period of time in jail, will probably reluctantly accept, despite his likely innocence.


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Roaches are disturbing, roaches are just strange
To keep them as classroom pets seems hopelessly deranged
But all the kids in the class run by Mr. B
Found the roaches a neat eccentricity

A couple boys in the class liked to show off for their friends
Grossing out the other kids was not just a passing trend
It took all the courage they could find and much tenacity
To handle the disgusting bugs, just like Mr. B

Eventually the other kids overcame their fears
They begged to hold the nasty bugs and show off for their peers
Pretty soon this roach thing took off like a flight of stairs
An escalating series of more disgusting dares

The dare to let a roach crawl on somebody's face
Was rejected at first, but then became common place
No one could do it though without a blindfold and some strips
Of tape to keep the eyes closed and the roach off of the lips

The kids all wanted pictures of their courageous deeds
And years and years of pictures were snapped by Mr. B
But a suspicious film processor called the cops one night
And a game involving roaches became a pervert's sick delight

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