Wild Weeds
Rosy Boa 2012

      Of all the snakes that can be encountered while hiking around in the desert, the rosy boa is easily the most enjoyable! In fact, a wild rosy boa is just about as tame as the most friendly pet you can imagine. The one in this video actually appears to crawl up to my hand and lick it. My hypothesis is that the snake mistook my hand for a newborn rodent, which would just happen to be its favorite food, but that's just a guess! While other snakes will bite or coil up in a threatening manner or slither away rapidly, the rosy boa usually remains quite calm when confronted by a human. It may curl up at both ends or it may crawl away, but it doesn't display the same degree of urgency shown by most other snakes. Picking up a rosy boa is no problem at all and although you might be tempted to keep it as a pet, do both yourself and the snake a favor and just let it remain free!


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Rosy Boa!

Soaking up the warmth of a rock in the shade
Not predisposed to sipping lemonade
Crawling on the ground is like crawling anywhere
Being here is just like being there

Rosy Boa!

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