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Rosy Boa 2016

      Rosy boas spend most of their lives hidden away in rocky crevices or in holes in the ground, especially during the winter when they are in the middle of their brumation period. Being rather slow, rosy boas in the wild don't so much hunt prey as they wait for it. Prey for rosy boas persists mainly of small mammals, which they clasp with their recurved teeth and then suffocate by squeezing to death. Since they have a slow metabolism, rosy boas don't have to eat often. They don't drink often either. During periods of drought they tend to be very inactive, whereas when there is plenty of food and water available, their activity level increases. Rosy boas often live to between eighteen and twenty-two years with the longest recorded lifespan for a rosy boa being thirty years.


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Rosy boa
Stretched out on the ground
Rosy boa
Rarely makes a sound

Spends most its life hidden out of sight
Mostly crawls around in the dark of night
Seems not to mind the human touch
At least it's not likely to protest much

Rosy boa
Moving calm and slow
Rosy boa
Best to let it go

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