Wild Weeds
Rusky Ed

      Rusky Ed was never intended to be taken seriously and considering the number of subscribers to the channel and the number of video views for the channel, it would appear that not too many people find Rusky Ed to be terribly interesting. However, that doesn't mean that a promotional video can't be created for the Rusky Ed channel! BTW, there are now over five hundred Rusky Ed videos available to view on YouTube.


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He has a predilection for facial hair
And big dark glasses that he likes to wear
He tells stupid jokes and they're always lame
And if you wanna know, then Rusky Ed's his name

Rusky Ed (x6)
There can be little doubt
He's crazy in the head!

The letters on the screen may look kinda funny
And the word you see is the word for bunny
He talks too much about conjugations
And what you need to say in common situations

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