Wild Weeds
Don't Step On Santa's Toes

      Santa Claus sometimes comes across as a little vindictive. That "Naughty and Nice" list seems a little harsh, but then again good behavior should be rewarded and bad behavior should be punished. You might call it encouragement or holding people (children in this case) accountable for their actions. All the time we hear about holding leaders accountable for their actions and it only stands to reason that everyone should receive consequences which are consistent with their behavior. That's the basis of morality in many respects and it's part of what keeps a society in order. In fact, to do otherwise is the essence of decadence and many have observed that a large portion of our population here in the USA has become morally decadent. Pretending that rioting and looting are justifiable and criticizing policemen for defending themselves is pretty much exactly the opposite of what we should do.


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You've totally messed up
You've stepped on Santa's toes
You'll get nothing on Christmas
But that's just how it goes

Santa does not like
Bad little boys
Santa will not bring them
Any toys

Don't try to explain
Do not apologize
Santa won't believe
Any of your lies

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