Wild Weeds

      School cafeteria food has always been a bit of a joke. In this song, the cook has a thing for cooking sausage and apparently the kids appreciate his culinary talents. Nothing like government-supplied surplus meat products to arouse the appetite. The kids who participate in the federally-mandated school breakfast program are fortunate to have such a talented individual working hard to prepare food for them. Be sure to flush twice, it's a long way to the school cafeteria! (And yes, the child with grayish-green skin is a zombie. It is unlawful to discriminate against individuals based on the color of their skin or any other aspect of their appearance or ethnicity.)


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First thing in the morning
I cook some breakfast
For the kids that eat at school
If they're lucky
They'll get some sausage
Just thinking 'bout it makes them drool

Sausage every single day!
Yeah, I can cook sausage lotsa different ways

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