Wild Weeds

      Socks can wind up getting pretty dirty by the end of a hike, but dirt isn't all that difficult to deal with. It's seeds which can be a major pain in the keister! Although it's possible to pull them out one by one, this can take a lot of time and one way or another it's a good idea to get the seeds out before throwing the socks in the wash with other closthes since the seeds can wind up getting stuck in other items of clothing if you do that. So, what is the best way to deal with seeds in socks? Well, there's no perfect solution, but one idea is to throw them into the sink and to let them sit there until the seeds sprout! In this state they are easier to pull out and much softer too. It's also fun to watch the seeds start to grow. Unfortunately, most of the seeds that get stuck in socks turn into plants that a weedy and not very attractive and so it's probably best to just throw the sprouts away or into the compost heap to turn into soil.


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When you go hiking you must might find
Seeds in your socks and it'll blow your mind
How hard it is to get 'em out
So seeds in your socks let's talk about

There's round ones and there's spikey ones too
They'll stick to your socks no matter what you do

So here's some advice you might want to try
That'll make them seeds go bye-bye
Throw your socks in the sink and get 'em wet
Sprout them seeds and pull 'em out - no sweat!

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