Wild Weeds
Hungry Serpent

      Where did all the chipmunks go? It's hard to say with any certainty, but it could well be that local snakes took care of them. A number of snakes prowl the area and I'm sure they're often looking to make a meal of small rodents. All the snakes I've seen in my backyard have either been gopher snakes or coachwhips. So far I haven't seen any rattlers although some of my neighbors have had to deal with rattlesnakes showing up in their yards! As for the chipmunks, well, they were actually ground squirrels and there's a good chance that it was the snakes that took care of them, but it could have also been some kind of poison or possibly some kind of disease. However, there are several rabbits out and about and I wish that the snakes would figure out how to make a meal out of them!


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Where did all the chipmunks go?
Their wretched fate, I think you know
They used to play and run around
Now not a one can be found

Tremble with fear felt deep inside
From the hungry serpent you cannot hide

The scent of something sweet
Delicious, tasty rodent meat
Drives the serpent on
Hunting from dusk til dawn

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