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Share and Share Alike

      File-sharing is often associated with images of pirates for some reason. For instance, most people have probably heard of The Pirate Bay (TPB), an internet site where you can download movies, games, music, software, and much more! Billed as the "galaxy's most resilient BitTorrent site," The Pirate Bay facilitates peer-to-peer file-sharing and has what might be considered to be an outlaw image since corporations which make money selling movies, music, games, etc., have pushed the notion that sharing files containing their products is a form of theft. In fact, these companies have managed to get the legal system to agree with this clearly erroneous idea. Logically speaking, in order for file-sharing to be theft, either the company making a product would have to be deprived of an item they manufactured without receiving compensation or someone would have to sell the product without authorization from the company. Simply sharing files is not theft, plain and simple.


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Download the song!


It's good to share with someone else
The good things that you got
Don't let the stingy bastards fill you
With their stingy rot
Although they say it's stealing
Most clearly it is not
Cuz any pirate knows
It's good to share a lot!

Share and share alike
The copies that you make
Spread the wealth around
From the greedy take!

A song, a game, a movie
They are all good to share
Us pirates spread the wealth around
That's how we show we care (We think that's only fair)
Sharing saves your friends
From paying for nice things
It's good to share with others
That's why this song we sing!

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