Wild Weeds

      Selecting the proper pair of shoes is extremely important if you're into hiking or running. Failure to use appropriate shoes is highly likely to result in discomfort and injury. So, just as it is not a good idea to judge a book by its cover, it's also important to avoid picking shoes based on their color, general appearance, or whether or not they're fashionable or popular. In order to choose suitable footwear it is necessary to know your arch type. Basically, there are three arch types: high, average, and low. As you might expect running shoes fall into three categories: neutral, stability, and motion control. So, when deciding what shoe to buy your motto should be KNOW THY ARCH!


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I don't watch the news
But you know it's all about the shoes!
There's too many to choose
There are so many types of shoes
I don't follow the rules
When it comes to wearing shoes
It's never-ending abuse
If you get the wrong kind of shoes!

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