Wild Weeds

      Sometimes celebrities can say the most ridiculous things and probably most of the time it's just a way to gain a little free publicity, but the problem is that fans often buy into the hype and believe things which are obviously false. Such a case has to do with a singer who goes by the stage name of Lizzo. She's grotesquely obese, but claims to be proud of her body and quite comfortable with being morbidly obese. She even encourages her fans to feel the same way. The obvious problem here is that morbid obesity is a medical condition which can lead to a number of serious medical issues. So, in actuality, encouraging fans to be comfortable with being fat is no better than promoting an unhealthy habit such as smoking, or ultimately, basically the same as encouraging fans to commit a slow form of suicide.


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Filled with excuses
And fat-filled juices
Big as Massachusetts
She's the singing blob!

Needs her own zip code
Eats by the shipload
Female Mr. Creosote
She's the singing blob!

How does she do it
With a straight face?
Bragging about her body
Which takes up so much space!

Her name is Lizzo
Fat as a hippo
But she likes to strip though
She's the singing blob!

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