Wild Weeds
Sister Margaret Mary

      There is often a discrepancy between the behavioral propensities of children and the expectations adults have regarding their conduct. Of course, it is the case that sometimes one group or the other can be unreasonable and so disciplinary issues are realistically unavoidable. However, Catholic discipline in past generations has spawned many stories of abuse and unreasonable strictness. In fact, it's fair to say that the cruel and sadistic punishments dispensed by some nuns is somewhat legendary and Sister Margaret Mary is one of those particularly strict nuns known to administer gratuitously harsh punishments. In this rather nautical tale, Sister Margaret Mary winds up receiving her just desserts. What's that they say about Karma?

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She'd yell at all the kids who didn't get their work done
Against her better judgment she agreed to take a trip
With the class out at sea on a little bitty ship

We got a little goofy
And she said to stop it now
We didn't really listen
So she went and had a cow
Then she had a pig
And then she had a goat
Things got a little crowded
And she finally sank the boat

Search and rescue crews soon plucked us from the sea
Except for Margaret Mary who a walrus had retrieved
The search and rescue people, they tried to save her life
But the walrus liked her blubber so he kept her for his wife

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