Wild Weeds
A Little Bit Of Snow

      Snow comes in many different forms. It can be powdery, icy, slushy, and various combinations of those properties. Snow can be firm so a person can walk on it or it can be soft and deep so that a person falls through with every step, which, of course, is why snowshoes were invented. Snow which is compressed can turn into ice and ice also sometimes forms as result of partially melting and then re-freezing. Sometimes when a person walks on snow it is slippery and sometimes it's crunchy and other times it's a weird combinaton of all possibilities. Of course, many people on the planet have no experience or limited experience with snow, but many people walk through it, drive through it, and spend a fair amount of time shoveling it out of the way, which can be a fairly strenuous task. Although many people are happy to see snow melt away, there is one big problem caused by the melting process and that's mud! Possibly that could be the topic for another song....


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A little bit here and a little bit there
I see a little bit of snow everywhere
There's a little by the trees
And a lot on the ground
I see a little bit of snow all around

Snow is chilling
Snow is freezing
Snow is doing its own thing
Snow is thawing
Snow is melting
Snow will stay until the spring

Hiking in the snow is kinda fun
But your toes may be cold when you are done
A hike in the snow may be
Refreshing and brisk
But hike if you will at your own risk

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