Wild Weeds
Snow: A Silent Invasion

      It's not surprising that some people really like snow and that some people detest snow to an extreme degree. Both points of view are quite easy to understand regardless of your personal attitude towards the cold, fluffy, white stuff. Considering that most people choose to live in places which are warm and where there is not a lot of snow during the winter, it is probably fair to conclude that most people consider snow to be a novelty worth encountering maybe a couple times per year at most, but otherwise best avoided. On the other hand, ski and snowboard enthusiasts often choose to live in places were there is lots of snow and where they can enjoy recreating in lots of the cold, fluffy, white stuff. They are quite willing to put up with some of the hazards and hassles associated with snow and generally learn ways of dealing with the negative aspects of snow and cold weather in general.


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The snow has come
It's taken over
A silent invasion
From the sky
The depth increases
Burying things
You can't identify

The snow has fallen
And covers everything
Winter has jurisdiction
At least until the spring

You may like it
Or maybe not
It's gonna happen
Either way
It's best if you
Just surrender
And shovel some of it
Out of the way

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