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Rant About Snow

      It's hard to have just the right amount of a good thing. Usually it's a case of too little or too much. This is especially true of snow. If there's not enough then there's a negative impact on wildlife and the supply of water. If there's too much, then there are all sorts of issues with transportation and various other issues, not to mention possible flooding when the snow melts. Having just the right amount doesn't seem to happen very often. It's usually a case of too much or too little, which is why planning for each type of situation is so important. Having said all that, this song is about too much snow. It's a rant about too much snow lying around on the ground making things difficult. Although it is acknowledged that lots of snow on the landscape is kind of pretty, ultimately it's a big inconvenience, unless you're an avid skier, but even then when you're not skiing it can be a major hassle!


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Too much snow
Everywhere I look and where ever I go
Too much snow
On the Celcius scale it's ten below

It's cold and windy
But kind of pretty

Too much snow
There was an inch or two less just an hour ago
Too much snow
The depth on the ground seems to grow and grow

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