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      It has been said that cleanliness is next to godliness and perhaps it is true or maybe it's an exaggeration. There is no doubt that being physically free of dirt and germs has many advantages and at the top of the list is the impact on one's health. Dirt and germs can cause infection of various kinds and one of the easiest things that can be done to keep sickness and infection away is to keep the body clean. Now when it comes to staying clean there are many modern conveniences which help. Near the top of the list is soap. Not only does soap and water help wash away dirt, but viruses and bacteria are actually killed as a result of sufficient exposure to soap. The key concept here is "sufficient exposure" and as a general rule it is estimated that it takes twenty seconds of vigorous hand washing to render the hands free of germs. In fact, many people sing the "Happy Birthday" song to themselves as they wash their hands since the duration of the song is approximately twenty seconds.


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Soap - It's a useful substance
It's available in stores in great abundance
Soap - Can be very useful
It can kill a lot of germs to be truthful

Use it in the shower or in the sink
It'll kill more germs than you think

Soap - It's not that expensive
It eliminates germs that are offensive
You can buy it online or at the store
So go make some suds that's what it's for

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