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      The first day of summer is normally on or close to June 20th in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of summer corresponds to the Summer Solstice, which happens to be the day of the year with the most daylight. In fact, on this day the sun never sets at the North Pole. Accompanying the lengthening of days is an increase in heat, with the hottest days of the year typically occurring within a few weeks following Summer Solstice. Inevitably any discussion of heat usually involves the terms Fahrenheit and Celsius and although there are other scales used to measure heat, these two are the ones used by most people most of the time around the world. However, converting between the two scales requires knowledge of the relevant conversion formulas and the ability to perform the basic arithmetic calculations. So, be prepared this year and make an effort to learn the formulas in celebration of Summer Solstice!


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Summer Solstice is a time
When the heat is sure to climb
And to measure how hot it gets
There's Fahrenheit and Celsius

Although the numbers disagree
Converting them is so easy
There's a quick approximation
And a more precise equation

It makes no difference how high or low
Or to what country you may go
Conversion formulas are always there
When Summer Solstice heats up the air

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