Wild Weeds
Somewhat Incoherent

      This particular cow camp is not all that easy to get to. After driving in ten miles on a somewhat rough dirt road, it takes another seven miles of hiking to reach this site. Although the first four and a half miles are on a trail shown on published maps, the remaining two and a half miles are on an unsigned, faint trail not shown on standard maps. Keep in mind that once you have visited this cow camp that it is still necessary to hike back out to the trailhead. So, you might ask, what's so special about this cow camp? Why would I want to hike all that way just to check it out? Those are good questions and although this cow camp does feature a rather unique cabin, it may or may not be worth the effort to visit depending on your level of interest. Personally, I've visited dozens of cow camps, mine camps, and back-country cabins and I'd rate this one pretty high in terms of uniqueness and quality, but please don't take my word for it...



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Way up in the mountains
No trail on the map
A cow camp lies hidden
In a pine-filled gap

Somewhat incoherent, although it rings a bell
A way of life that's vanished, although it's hard to tell
It wasn't all that long ago that cows here once grazed
Summer mountain home, nostalgic yesterdays

Digging 'round for clues
Some things are apparent
But the story still remains
Somewhat incoherent

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