Wild Weeds

      During 2021 all the hikes I did were in the South Sierra. Some of the trails I hit for the first time, but most of my hikes were on routes which I had done in the past. There were lots of slight deviations from standard routes and in terms of total hiking mileage I logged more miles on the trail than I had ever covered before in a single year. (There were years I ran more total miles in my late teens and early twenties, but that was in the city and it wasn't wilderness hiking.) Some of the areas I hiked include: Lost Creek (as opposed to Lost Meadow, which I also did), Manter Meadow, Stony Meadow, Bald Mountain, Scodie (or Scobie) Canyon, Rockhouse Basin, Long Valley Creek (as opposed to Long Canyon, which I also did), the three Dry Meadows, Beach Meadow, Monache Meadow, Corral Meadow, Deadhorse Meadow, the Sacatar Trail Wilderness, Pine Creek, Trout Creek, the Wortley Benchmark, and lots of other places. All in all it was a great year of hiking!


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