Wild Weeds

      It's always struck me as oddly appropriate that Halloween and Election Day are so close together. It's particularly fitting this year considering the two presidential candidates representing the two major political parties. Basically it comes down to a choice between a senile old bat (aka, Hillary Clinton) or an arrogant buffoon (aka, Donald Trump). Very few people will be voting FOR either of these two losers (one of which will ironically wind up winning the election). Instead, most voters will simply select what they perceive to be the lesser of the two evils. In other words, they'll be voting against the one they despise the most. It's sad that it's come down to such a dismal choice and that gets us back to Halloween, the day on which we celebrate darkness, doom, gloom, evil, and all that is just plain bad. There have never been two candidates better suited to Halloween and less suited to become the president!


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Halloween spooks can be so much fun
But these two clowns are worthless as they come

Hillary and Donnie Boy
Not much of a choice
Cuz either outcome leaves us with
No reason to rejoice

Mindless zombies may be satisfied
But those with brains are just plain mortified

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