Wild Weeds
Dangerous Spooky Things

      Halloween is an interesting time of year during which we celebrate that which may be categorized as spooky, dark, evil, or dangerous. It's not so much that we wish to glorify evil forces of darkness. It's more a matter of our being fascinated or intrigued by certain elements of those entities and associated phenomenon. After all, most movies, novels, and other forms of entertainment use evil or danger in order to create the intrigue and suspense necessary to hold the interest of viewers and readers. But it is not just in fictional presentations that we see evil and dark behavior. We also see it in the news all the time. Even in our elected leaders we often see behavior which seems to be inspired by the forces of evil. It's almost as if our fascination with evil has caused us to elect morally flawed individuals into public office. Why would we ever do such a thing? Are we so bored with a peaceful world and an efficient, well-ordered society that we feel a need or desire to shake things up a bit?


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Doom and death
Monsters in chains
Zombies prowling
Hungry for brains

Halloween night always brings
Dangerous spooky things

It might be bad, but
It could be worse
At least we've escaped
The evil witch's curse

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