Wild Weeds
Spring Has Sprung

      Spring is an exciting time of year if you are a plant enthusiast. The huge variety of flowers produced by different plants is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also thought-provoking. Whether we consider perennials as opposed to annuals, bushes versus lowly herbs, vines in contrast to groundcover, or even weeds in the lawn versus shrubs planted for landscaping purposes, it seems that the tremendous diversity of flower types produced by these plants is simply astounding. Contained in this video are a couple dozen different flowers, and quite an assortment of colors and shapes can be observed in even this small sampling of all the diverse types of flowers available for inclusion in your yard.


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The transformation has begun
Flowers blooming to greet the sun
Weeds have risen and bees have stung
In case there's any doubt, spring has sprung

The lizards are out and seeds been flung
Soil made fertile with fresh cow dung
The proclamation the birds have sung
In case you haven't heard, spring has sprung

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