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Squash (A Thanksgiving Tradition)

      Is this song about Thanksgiving, holiday family fights, or squash? I think it's safe to say that the song touches on all three topics to some degree. Which is to be expected since, after all, it certainly seems to be the case that all three things are part of the Thanksgiving tradition. Family and food seem to be the main focus of Thanksgiving celebrations and so it should be no suprise that sometimes the event turns into a family food fight with cranberry sauce, turkey, yams, rolls, peas, stuffing, and pumpkin pie all flying through the air! It is a bit ironic that what is meant to be a pleasant gathering in which people reflect upon how thankful they are for what they have, often turns into a gripe session filled with rancorous bickering, arguments over petty offenses, and sometimes full fledged fights, usually focused on past grievances and disagreements. Rather than concentrating on building family unity and supporting one another, it is far too often the case that these gatherings degenerate into something much more negative. Instead of dwelling on the negative, it is certainly the case that Thanksgiving celebrations would be so much more peaceful and harmonious if people would just give squash a chance!


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People may like turkey
And some love pumpkin pie
Others like cranberry sauce
Each year I wonder why

Folks gather for the feast
Feeling radiant and bright
Then something random starts
This year's Thanksgiving fight!

Yams and rolls get tossed around
And the stuffing hits the fan
I don't know what's going on
But there's nothing better than...

(just give me) SQUASH
(delicious) SQUASH
(I'll take some) SQUASH
(nutritious) SQUASH
(some peaceful) SQUASH
(Oh) SQUASH!!!

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