Wild Weeds
Stack Some Rocks

      Landscaping projects sometimes involve rocks. Sometimes they involve a lot of rocks and not just a ton of rocks, but many tons of rocks. There may be flat rocks, round rocks, square rocks, or oddly-shaped rocks. The rocks may be large or they may be small, and ultimately they may be used for making walls, borders, walkways, or for some other purpose. There is no end to the possibilities, but the bottom line is that all these rocks can get in the way while waiting to be put into place according to the landscape plan. During this time it might not be a bad idea to stack the rocks which can be stacked to get them out of the way and to make things look a little neater as things are put into their proper place.


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If you got a lot of rocks
I'll tell you what to do
Stack 'em into piles
Make the dream come true

Stack 'em up and stack 'em high
There is no need to justify
A stack is its own justification
So make a stack without hesitation

Once your rocks are stacked
Stand back and admire
The work of art that you created
And maybe make it higher

Stack 'em up
And stack 'em high
There's no need
To justify
Go forth now and stack some rocks!

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