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Can You Stand The Pain?

      Many challenge videos on YouTube are for the most part harmless and benign, but some are potentially dangerous. Generally speaking, the attraction of challenge videos seems to be somewhat sadistic in nature. That is, many people seem to find it entertaining to watch other people suffer. Whether the main attraction is simply watching a situation where someone takes a risk, faces their fears, or experiences pain probably varies between different viewers, but one way or the other it is the case that challenge videos are quite popular. YouTube users who have a very low number of subscribers often get a boost as a result of doing challenge videos. The problem comes when these challenge videos go too far and users put themselves at risk of injury by engaging in an unsafe challenge. Young YouTube users in particular may not have the judgement to know where to draw the line. All that being said, for the most part challenge videos are not a legitimate cause for concern, but there are always those who go a little too far and engage in potentially unsafe behaviors.


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A challenge that is painful
Might get a lot of views
But if things go wrong
You might wind up black and blue

It may seem sadistic
But things keep getting rougher
Cuz people like to watch
Other people suffer

It would seem that
There's a lot to gain
But can you

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