Wild Weeds
Space Field Trip

      Kids go on field trips to zoos, museums, farms, parks, and all sorts of other places. The idea is to allow students to be able to experience something of educational value outside of the usual school environment. Eventually it may be possible for students to go on more exotic field trips, possibly even up into outer space. If it ever becomes possible to teleport humans from one location to another, such travel could be quick and easy. Unfortunately, the students who go on the space field trip depicted in this song/video are a bit disappointed with what they experience, but not all field trips wind up being highly valuable educational expeditions. To make matters worse, the food the kids eat in the ship's cafeteria actually makes them sick. Apparently some things never change, even in the future where space travel is quick and easy!


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Here's my report on the field trip
That we took to the spaceship
Which they call the Enterprise
Oh, beam me up Scotty into the sky
We were introduced to Captain Kirk
And when we met Spock he was hard at work
Shootin' photons at some Klingon ship
He said, "Give me a little logic, I don't want no lip!"
They served up lunch in the ship cafeteria
The food we ate gave us diarrhea
The cook came out and we said, "Ick!
This Star Trek food just makes us sick!"
They sent us to the ship physician
They call him Doc, but that's their opinion
I think the brain he's got is broke
Cuz you won't believe the prescription he wrote
He said, "I recommend that you go
Back to your planet, down below"
They let those energizers rip
And that was the end of our field trip!

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