Wild Weeds
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      This is a new version of an old video which was originally posted in 2008 to the blackturtleus channel on YouTube and then again in 2009 to my current channel. The problem was that the video from 2009 was of poor quality and it was formatted to the old video dimensions used by YouTube way back then, which changed to the current dimensions soon after the video was posted in 2009. The main reason I re-edited this particular video is that I wanted the cabin featured in the video to look good for viewers. If you watch carefully you will notice that there is writing on the metal sides of this cabin. The person who built the cabin is said to have kept a journal on the exterior of the cabin. To find out more about the cabin click here:
Rusky Cabin (May 2006)


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Some songs I sing are in bad taste
Offensive yes, but in any case
I won't lie and I won't try to bribe
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