Wild Weeds
The Romney Song

      This song/video is best thought of as a negative campaign ad parody. It really isn't meant to be taken seriously, but the actual lyrics to the song fit Romney fairly well, especially the lines that state,

   You might have a million bucks
   But everything you do still sucks

Although the song might seem a little mean, it is hard to deny that anyone who has a car elevator in his garage deserves a little grief and probably isn't fit to represent most Americans as president of the USA.


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You suck like nothing's sucked before
No one knows why you suck for
But suck you must and suck you will
You sucked back then and you suck still

It's you! You suck the most!
My vacuum doesn't come close!

You suck worse than the pump they crank
To empty out a septic tank
You might have a million bucks
But everything you do still sucks

You suck so bad, you suck all day
And we all wish you'd go away
You suck a lot and you suck often
You'll probably still suck in the coffin

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