Wild Weeds
Sultry Temptress

      Obscene, indecent, and profane material is not allowed for public broadcast here in the United States. What exactly qualifies as obscene, indecent, and profane is open to interpretation and what it is that is supposed to be accomplished by placing limits on such depictions is unclear, but rules, regulations, and even laws exist regarding such content. Even video-sharing sites such as YouTube have rules regarding videos which contain nudity and content which can be considered to be sexually provocative. In fact, YouTube provides quite a list of factors which it considers when age-restricting a video, including many subjective items that whoever is given the task of deciding the fate of a video must consider before determining whether or not to bestow age-restricted status upon it.


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Dear friend my favorite movie
Has this nasty scene
In which a sultry temptress
Does something quite obscene

Yes friend, it's kind of nasty
Yes friend, it's kind of lewd
So I will not act it out
Here on YouTube!

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