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Summer Can Be Dangerous

      Summer Vacation is generally a lot of fun, but it is not exactly free of possible dangers. Although leisure time is often thought of as being filled with nothing but carefree activities, the truth is that plenty of injuries and even deaths occur while people are engaged in such recreational pursuits. Whether it's swimming in a pool or at the beach, driving or flying to a fantastic vacation spot, or scuba diving, mountain climbing, or horseback riding, most active pursuits entail an elevated risk of physical harm when compared to ordinary activity at home, work, or school. So, regardless of where you are or what you're doing, it doesn't hurt to be mindful of all the possible hazards which surround you at all times. This goes double for Summer Vacation, when people often let their guard down.


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The list is long of ways to die
And summer has a full supply
Perhaps a cat will make you sneeze
And your brains will spray out on the trees
Or you might take a dare that's lame
Or miss a catch at a baseball game
If nothing more, remember this
Summer can be dangerous

You could choke if you're dumb
On a wad of chewing gum

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