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The Tribes Of The Sunflower Family

      Although estimates vary, the Sunflower Family (Asteraceae) is said to have somehwhere around 30,000 members or species. As a result of this large number of family members various categorization schemes have been devised to divide the family into groups, subfamilies, or tribes. One classification scheme includes the following tribes: Heliantheae (Sunflower Tribe), Madieae (Tarweed Tribe), Ambrosieae (Ragweed Tribe), Helenieae (Sneezeweed Tribe), Arctotideae (Gazania Tribe), Calenduleae (Marigold Tribe), Inuleae (Everlasting Tribe), Vernonieae (Ironweed Tribe), Eupatorieae (Eupatory Tribe), Anthemideae (Sagebrush Tribe), Senecioneae (Groundsel Tribe), Cynareae (Thistle Tribe), Mutisieae (Mutisia Tribe), Cichorieae (Chicory Tribe), and, of course, Astereae (Aster Tribe).

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The Sunflower Family includes
Many thousands of species
Some people like to group them into
Tribes or subfamilies

Fifteen tribes are enumerated
But some say that list is way overrated

Flower heads composed of
Florets both disk and ray
The family is known as the

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