Wild Weeds
Endless Supply

      It's odd how past events are often misrepresented. The peaceful annexation of Crimea is often portrayed as if it were a military invasion. The event back in 2008 where Georgian forces attacked South Ossetia is sometimes depicted as an example of Russian aggression. The completely unnecessary invasion of Iraq back in 2003 where approximately 200,000 civilians lost their lives is often glossed over as nothing more than an unfortunate mistake. The fact that Senator McCain gave a speech in Kiev in 2013 which incited an insurrection in Ukraine a few months later seems to have gone mostly unnoticed. Even more bizarre is the way the events of January 6, 2021 have been grossly exaggerated and characterized as an actual insurrection while rioters who reeked havoc during the previous summer across the nation are portrayed as mostly peaceful protesters. The total lack of proportionality is insane!


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So much news make no mistake
Somewhere between real and fake
Some designed to manipulate
Agendas to facilitate

But do not blame the endless supply
On those who sell to those who buy
It is not hard to call their bluff
It's no real problem, sure enough

Question more and with greater force
The limits set on public discourse
Expose the lies and question more
Yes it's an information war

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