Wild Weeds
A Sunday Stroll

      Tarantulas are out and about during October more than any other month of the year. Almost without exception I see at least one tarantula each year while out on my weekly hike and more often than not such sightings occur during the autumn between late September and early November. For some reason I experience a strange compulsion to write songs to commemorate these sightings. In fact, these are links to each of the songs I've written celebrating tarantula encounters:
Tarantula 2012 Tarantula Instrumental Terrible Tarantula
Tarantula 2009 Tarantula 2008 Tarantula 2006
Tarantula 2005 Daypack Song Tarantula!
It's fortuitous that I post these tarantula song/videos shortly before Halloween since big, scary spiders are quite appropriate this time of year.


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Scrunched up in a den all day
Cramped without room to move
It's nice to get out for fresh air
And get into a groove

With eight legs to keep track of
You might well lose control
But when you've got the walk down
It's just a Sunday stroll

Style and grace combined with
An intimidating stride
Few can walk the walk although
Many have tried

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