Wild Weeds
Tale of the Turtle

      The book is called "Tale of the Turtle" and it has a tale of its own to tell! As explained in the video the book has had three different covers. When it was first published in 2005 it had a simple cover which was mostly black with a single image of a person climbing around on a mining apparatus. Then in late 2010, as the result of a printing error, the book acquired two great big, light green stripes. Although I tried to get the publishing company to fix this error, they insisted that it was out of their hands unless, of course, I paid them some money to fix the problem. Rather than deal with such a corrupt company, I decided to redesign the cover and re-publish the book with another publisher!


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Most every book in print has got a cover
This story's 'bout how this one got another
In 2005 this tale about a turtle
Crawled across the publication hurdle

For no apparent reason
A year or so ago
They added a fat green stripe
Above and below

To try to fix this ugly situation
I called and gave a detailed explanation
Of what was wrong and why it wasn't funny
They said to change it back would cost some money

I could not accept
A cover compromised
The changes that they made
Were never authorized

So I took the time to redesign the cover
And dropped the old company and went and found another!

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