Wild Weeds
The Freedom To Pay Tax

      Most Americans pay state and federal income tax each year. The due date is usually April 15th. Although Americans pay other types of tax including sales tax, property tax, and a few other miscellaneous types of tax, income tax is the major tax which most Americans consider to be especially burdensome. In fact, typically about one-third of one's income goes to income tax and associated payroll deductions and so Americans often complain about the large amount of money which they earn, but which they never get to spend. Some people get so irrate about this state of affairs that they talk about instigating a tax revolt. Mostly this is just talk, but there are some hardcore anti-tax people who actually develop plans to dismantle the IRS or stage a mass tax boycott. Of course, nothing usually comes of these anti-tax movements, but many Americans nonetheless are sympathetic to the cause!


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Try not to procrastinate
Be sure not to delay
Take care of business here and now
Don't let time slip away!

The government sure needs the money
They work so hard for you
Senators all need a raise
It's so long overdue!

Your freedoms may be dwindling
But try hard to relax
There's one that you will never lose
And that's the freedom to pay tax!

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