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THANKSGIVING: It's not a holiday, it's a war!

      Holidays can be stressful for a number of reasons. For some families Thanksgiving Day is a joyful event where everyone enjoys getting together and having a good time. For other families arguments and squabbles are likely to occur and nobody winds up having a positive experience. It's doubtful that exact statistics exist which objectively measure precisely what happens on Thanksgiving Day, but there are reports that crime between relatives and domestic violence in general spike on Thanksgiving Day. So, does this mean that you should spend the day with strangers or just abstain altogether? That probably depends on your individual circumstances, but there's always the option of volunteering to work at a homeless shelter or to deliver meals to people in need. There are a number of options and good luck finding the one that's right for you!


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Thanksgiving is a day where
People express gratitude
By getting together and
Eating a ton of food

Sometimes things don't go so well
Every family has a tale to tell

Things sometimes get out of hand
And food may fly through the air
Escalation may occur with
People fighting everywhere!

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