Wild Weeds
Teddy (Ransom Required)

      In the old days ransom was paid using paper currency or possibly coins made out of precious metals. In fact, in this song the kidnapper actually states that he "needs money, a really big stack." Of course, such a statement could be taken figuratively and thus it may be possible that some type of electronic transfer would suffice. Bitcoin would be the preferred method to use when transferring such funds since Bitcoin allows the transaction to be carried out anonymously. Whereas in the old days it was possible to mark paper currency or to trace a wire transfer of funds, transactions carried out in Bitcoin are untraceable providing that the software is configured correctly and that the system has not been compromised. So, the kidnapper in the song can feel confident that he will get away with his crime and collect his ransom, without fear of being prosecuted for extortion, kidnapping, or cruelty to stuffed animals, thanks to Bitcoin!


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By now you've probably noticed that your Teddy bear's gone
And I know how much you miss him and that you're so fond
Of the stuffed little creature that your puppy peed on
Ransom required

You know I wanna help you get your Teddy bear back
But there's one little hitch that might raise a little flack
Ya see I need money, a really big stack
Ransom required

And if you don't pay by tomorrow at five
You'll never see Teddy again alive
I know you'll do the right thing or Teddy will die
Ransom required

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