Wild Weeds
Time Shifting

      Switching back and forth between Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time is probably mostly a good thing, but it is a little bit of a hassle. This song commemorates these special occasions which occur twice each year. It should also be noted that many clocks must be reset following power outages and it seems that power outages have been occurring with greater frequency in recent years! So, even if we did away with biannual time adjustment, there is no escaping the annoyance of resetting clocks. At least this is true of stand-alone clocks. When it comes to the clocks on computers, they take care of themselves. So, maybe there is hope for a future free of manual time adjustments!


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I've got a bunch of
Analog and digital clocks
They're pretty quiet, but
The one on my phone talks

Two times a year
They need resetting
Which way they go
I keep forgetting

It's such a hassle to deal
With this time shifting thing
Fall back each autumn and then
Go forward in the spring

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