Wild Weeds
Operation TODD

      Conspiracy theories are pretty entertaining and sometimes it's fun to sit around with friends and make some up. The crazier the better. Lately there's been a particularly crazy conspiracy theory about Bill Gates and COVID-19. Various strains of the theory are crazier than others, but they are all pretty far-fetched. That being said, some people are threatened by these conspiracy theories and call them misinformation. And while it's true that there are people who take these theories seriously, it's also the case that the vast majority of people just roll their eyes and smile when they hear them for the first time. Of course, it should be pointed out that debunking these theories and labeling them as misinformation only convinces those who already believe the conspiracy theories that they are in fact true. Why else would anyone take them seriously enough to bother arguing against them? It's far better to just make up an even more outlandish conspiracy theory and spread it with a straight face and see if anyone actually believes it.


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The crown of all creation
An incredible sensation
There's no question, it must be Todd
Nobody can compare
Nobody's even close
There's no contest, we're shocked and awed

Oh my god, no one is as cool as Todd
He's no fraud, some even say that he's a god

Every word he says
Everywhere he goes
The hungry masses all cheer and applaud
His gospel is clear
His gospel is perfect
All hail the church of Todd
No doubt that he's a god
Fall down and worship Todd!

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