Wild Weeds
The Life of a Toilet

      Quite possibly the most abused item included in virtually all dwellings is the toilet. Not only do we abuse this common appliance, but we also treat it with a certain degree of disdain. Indeed, we think of it as disgusting and gross as a result of the persistent abuse we subject it to and once it has been thusly abused, nothing can return it to it's original pure and untarnished state. Despite our best efforts to keep it clean, no amount of cleansing can ever actually make a toilet, once it has been used, truly clean. Although we may wash it thoroughly until it is spotless and shines brightly, it is hard to actually consider a used toilet to be fully sanitized, even if it happens to be rendered germ free. Logical or not, even after the stains, residue, and germs have been eliminated, there is still something that remains that can never be completely removed.


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The life of a toilet really stinks
I get tired of looking at one-eyed winks
I deal with messy situations every day
The stains remain when the crap is flushed away

It's the life of a toilet
It really rots
You may deal with crap
Well, I deal with lots
It's hard to describe
How bad I feel
The abuse I get
It's a dirty deal

It's the life of a toilet, just read the sign
If you think yer life stinks, then look at mine

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