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Towels Are Useful

      There are lots of ways to use towels. Some are obvious and some are not. For instance, besides being used to dry things off, they can also be used as a distress signal, as a weapon when soaked, as a face covering to filter fumes from the air, as a small blanket, and as a sail. Some of those are a little clever or creative, but the point is that towels are useful. To add to their utility, towels come in various sizes from conveniently small hand towels to over-sized beach towels. In between those two extremes exists the bath towel which can be anywhere between those two extremes in size. To add to the fun, there are also dish towels, paper towels, and even hair towels. Some people would argue that washcloths are actually towels, but they are normally not used for the purpose of drying things and so many people would disagree. It should also be noted that towels come in various thicknesses and can be made from various fabrics and these two properties may affect the degree to which a towel can absorb or wick away moisture.


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Towels are awesome, towels are fluffy
Towels are useful, towels are fun
Towels can come in many colors
Everybody should have one!

Always keep a towel on hand
In case things do not go as planned

Towels can clean up awful messes
Towels are good at drying stuff
With a towel you're always ready
When the going gets real tough!

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