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Empty Toilet Paper Tubes

      Yes, they often get used for arts and crafts projects, but that's not all they're good for! In fact, people have come up with all sorts of interesting ways of putting them to use. For instance, they can be utilized to make desk organizers, bird feeders, a temporary sheath for a large kitchen knife, fire starters, and bottomless pots which make it easy to sprout seeds and then plant the resulting seedlings outside in a garden. As you might expect, most people just throw them away and ignore the potential of empty toilet paper tubes. Other people just make funny memes about empty toilet paper tubes in an attempt to show off their wit. In the song and video featured on this page a rather unique way of utilizing empty toilet paper tubes is described and demonstrated. Watch carefully and you might learn something or maybe you'll just enjoy a few chuckles while viewing the presentation. In any case, unless the house you live in is not connected to a sewer system, you will probably not see why anyone would want to use empty toilet paper tubes in this manner.


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I knew there was a reason although it was unclear
But still I persisted, year after year
Through slow accumulation, one roll at a time
The collection kept on growing, the number slowly climbed

Empty toilet paper tubes
The cardboard tube inside
I've got about a million now
The basket is quite wide

So now the trend has been reversed, I'm putting them to use
My septic tank must not be clogged, it cannot be abused
The tubes are stuffed with paper, it's a trick that I have learned
No toilet paper may be flushed, instead it must be burned

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