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Trail Signs

      Trail signs come in many forms. They can be as simple as a pile of rocks and as fancy as a colorful sign full of all sorts of information about various destinations. Sometimes they are just I's cut into trees and other times they may be ribbon tied to a bush. Despite the wide range of things which might be considered to be trail signs, they all convey some information about the trail they appear next to. Different trails in different parts of the country may have a greater number or lower number of signs depending on various factors. There are routes which are considered primitive with almost no signage. On these routes even the trail may be faint. Sometimes extremely faint trails which are not maintained by anyone and which only exist because they are traversed by people on a reasonably regular basis are referred to as use paths. There are also trails which are not normally traversed by humans. For instance, donkey trails are often very easy to follow for miles and miles. Usually the only trail signs left by donkeys are piles of turds.


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Trails and signs go together
Like cold nights and frost
They help you reach your destination
Without getting lost

Signs may be primitive
Signs may be advanced
Signs may be simple
And some may be enhanced

On the map trails seem to be
Nothing more than lines
But in a world where things may change
It helps to have some signs

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