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      Trampoline videos are fairly prevalent on YouTube. The vast majority receive very few views, but people post them anyways, most likely as a way of proving to their friends and acquaintances that they can perform certain stunts on the trampoline. While there are some who post videos of themselves or their friends attempting to perform ridiculously dangerous feats, most people stick to the standard flips and twirls without getting carried away with daredevil theatrics. Mastery of acrobatic maneuvers on the trampoline certainly is a challenge which helps to develop high levels of coordination while also providing plenty of good exercise. However, trampoline injuries are fairly common, accounting for quite a few visits to emergency rooms all around the world despite the widespread use of safety equipment.


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Kids like to jump around a lot
Sometimes they jump so high
They're always jumping all the time

Doing flips
Performing tricks
Acrobatic karate kicks
Way up high
In the breeze
Jumping on a trampoline

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