Wild Weeds
The Ballad Of Donald Trump

      Adam Schiff has been compared many times to Wile E. Coyote from The Road Runner Show, which was a popular cartoon series with new episodes released between 1966 and 1973. So, if Adam Schiff is the coyote, that would make Donald Trump the roadrunner. That seems slightly odd since Trump looks not even remotely like a roadrunner, but the one thing he has in common with the Road Runner cartoon character is that he is relentlessly chased by a bungling fool who persistently fails to catch him. It's comical on several levels, but ultimately it's a horrible waste of time, effort, and money. Even more tragic is that people obviously guilty of more major crimes such as Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden have gotten away without being seriously investigated, while investigations against Trump are more like harassment campaigns or fishing expeditions motivated by mean-spirited and vindictive individuals.


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First it was Russian collusion
Then they gave impeachment a try
The fake news press
Wouldn't give it a rest
Everything they said was a lie

The democrats are so crazy
You know how dumb they can be
But they just keep trying
And failing miserably

They tried to make him look like a pervert
Their bogus claims were insane
They made quite a fuss
And you can forget the bus
They tried to throw him under the train

Crazy eyes Cortez is traumatized
Pelosi's talking nonsense again
Biden is brain dead
Kamala is an airhead
And Adam Schiff is nothing but a troll!

Insurrectionists they tried to label
Mere trespassers in the Capital Dome
It's a total disgrace
That they all have a case
Of Trump derangement syndome

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