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Tube Envy

      Toilet paper tubes have appeared in several of my videos over the last few years. In fact, it's fair to say that I am quite proud of my toilet paper tube collection and enjoy showing it off in YouTube videos! Each time I finish a roll of toilet paper, I save the tube! At this time I have accumulated a total of approximately one hundred toilet paper tubes. BTW, I've also started saving paper towel tubes, but that collection grows much more slowly than my toilet paper tube collection for some reason! Although some people might think that it's strange to collect toilet paper tubes, I really don't see anything odd about it at all. You might be surprised by all the videos on YouTube featuring toilet paper tubes. Some of these videos feature decorative arts and crafts projects and others show how to put together useful items using toilet paper tubes. Actually the tubes in my collection are quite useful too since they appear in the videos I make about toilet paper tubes!!!


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You can look, but you can't touch
Although you wanna, oh so much
You're filled with envy so profound
Cuz my tubes are the best around

You may want and you may covet
My tube collection - you know you love it
You want it bad and you want it now
You gotta have it and you don't care how

Your green-eyed monster you cannot hide
I know you want my...

Toilet paper tubes - they're really fine!
Toilet paper tubes - but they're all mine!
Toilet paper tubes - and you can't have 'em
Toilet paper tubes!

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